Sunday, October 9, 2011

EZProxy Resources: Digital Services Librarian Toolkit

One thing that a systems librarians or digital services librarians are constantly dealing with is keeping users connected with the digital resources that we (as libraries) pay large amounts of money to provide to patrons and students.

When your EZproxy fails to connect users, your email and phone will blow up.
In an academic setting you (the lucky librarian) will generally field complaints about such and such database that is down or that a user is off-campus and cannot get into XYZ database via the proxy you have provided.

There are two main resources that will make you a hero to that faculty member who is stomping her feet across campus because she can't get into XYZ database on her wireless Macbook.

The first resource to help you repair your broken config file for EZproxy is the EZProxy Listserve.  This listserve is active and composed of digital services librarians, systems librarians, and whatever title they are giving the librarians who manage the digital resources in a primarily academic library setting.  Be sure to search archived posts before posting your question to the list, as you will likely find a solution to an issue that someone has experienced before you.

The second resource, and perhaps the one you should check out before posting to listserve is a wiki called The Unofficial EZproxy Self-Support Wiki maintained by Potsdam SUNY.  Here you can double check your database configuration within your EZproxy config file with the extensive list they have provided.  Of course, there are more EZproxy resources available on the internet and please feel free to add them to the list via the comments section below.

There seems to be a multitude of issues with EZproxy and paid databases at seemingly all times. Troubleshooting the issue with EZproxy can be further compounded with the complexity of your web architecture. 

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