Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Google Glass Doesn't Appear to Hold a Charge Well

I am not sure if all Google Glass Explorer's are encountering the same issues that I am experiencing. I have read about the short battery life with usage, which seems very acceptable, but I can't seem to charge the unit very well at all.  Apparently, the Google Glass unit is meant to ship charged and ready to go (according to the directions that come with the unit).

After I initially received Glass, I opened the package (very attractive Apple-like packaging) and then followed the instructions and turned on the unit. After putting the unit on I was greeted with the battery icon and that was all.  Figuring that the battery was low, I used the attached power cable and charged the unit for several hours.

That evening I took home Glass to play with and was able to turn on the unit, connect it to my Apple iPhone IOS Glass App and go through some of the tutorials and take a photo or two, Google a few things with voice, and stumble around the menus.  I then turned off the unit and put it away after 15 minutes or so of use.  My wife inquired whether or not I could rename the Google Glass, rather than saying aloud "Ok Glass" over and over, which she found irritating.

I beginning to think my Google Glass won't hold a charge very well at all.

The next morning in my office I took out Glass and put them on and was greeted with the same battery icon.  I then charged the unit again, this time from 10am to 2:30pm.  I turned the unit on with it's interior side button and put on Glass.  This time I got the battery 46% charged (so 8 hours for complete charge?).  Ok, you would expect some more life after Glass was connected to a regular power strip for four hours (yes, it is on!) and the charge indicator light is slowly pulsating- as it should when charging.

I am new with Glass but used to working with peripherals and emerging technology in general.  While I realize I need to spend more time with Glass, I am starting to think that the unit simply won't charge very well at all.

The jury is out (I realize), I need to spend more time with Glass, and more updates are sure to follow.

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  1. I am experiencing the same issues with my new Glass. If you or anyone else has a solution, please let me know!

  2. Glass is currently with some of my undergraduate students for research. I believe they have managed to use another charger (other than the one that shipped with Google Glass) and having better results. As soon as I get the details on which charger they are using I will pass on the information to you. Email just came in as I am typing. They are using the original Google Glass charger and getting approx. 5 hours of normal use. He responded by saying, "Today I have been wearing Google Glass since 7AM and it currently has a 16% charge left." The student is also charging the unit overnight and wearing it all day (or until the battery goes dead). I know another student found a non Google Glass charger that seemed to give him a faster charge, but I have no data to support that statement. I think the problem I encountered was that I would fully charge Glass and then set it down for hours and then pick it up throughout the day- by that time the battery had gone down considerably. You might try charging the unit all night and starting use in the morning and see how long it will last. Hope this helps.

  3. I'm on day 2 with Glass. It won't charge. I got the blinking icon and plugged it in. LED glows and pulses just like it's supposed to. Two hours on the charger and I get the same thing. Support says this is a "known issue" and to cycle it by plugging it in for an hour, then leaving it unplugged for an hour. They swear that doing this 4-5 times will correct it. We'll see.

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