Monday, February 14, 2011

Simple Yet Timeless Icons for Your Web Development Needs Free

Icons help web users better navigate your web pages. Think of it as if you were dropped in a completely foreign land, didn't speak a lick of the native tongue, and needed information desperately.  You would probably be searching for an icon that looked like the "i" located on the upper left corner of this post.  

When internet users are flying through the pages on the internet, giving them easier visual clues to what they are seeking will greatly enable users to stay on the page and keep moving to the information they seek before they give up and bounce out.

I came across a website called PICOL (or Pictorial Communication Language) today that has a fledgling library of icons in the making that anyone can use under the creative commons license.

While some icons are better than others on the PICOL site, there are enough here to sprinkle on your website to enhance it.  There is an option to download the whole library, but I prefer to pick and choose the icons that I know I might use. 

The great thing about these icons is that they are globally recognized, meaning users that may not fully understand the language of your site could probably navigate it.  I just wish someone would come up with a better icon for a database (the cylinder just doesn't do it for me).

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