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Post-Apocalyptic Libraries and Librarians 2012

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If there is any doubt whether or not libraries and librarians are relevant in our digital culture these days, just take a look at the 2012 Apocalypse-bucking super bunker condo rendering on the right. 

Librarians rejoice! There on the negative 10th floor or Basement 10 level is the library/classroom level.

There is a function for you librarians in this Facebook digital wasteland after all.

Ok, now for the bad news. To get into one of these nuke resistent condos will cost you a bundle.  Let's hope there is some kind of cruise ship arrangement where our library work will offset our air, food, and bunk costs.

Last night I watched the premiere of CNBC's "2012 Apocalypse", a one hour television program that documented the various ways people are preparing (and cashing in on) for the doomsday event, scheduled tentatively for Dec 2012 (according to an ancient Mayan calendar and other various documentation).

Ok, so there was no mention of post-apocalyptic librarians in the one hour "2012 Apocalypse" documentary, but there are large scale plans for massive tubular underground bunker dwellings that will hold significant populations. 

If we can imagine being completely cut-off from the rest of the world, burrowed deep within the earth, what kind of information would really be helpful?

I can only think of information relating to ways to connect to other survivors or survivor communities.  Maybe some books on brewing beer, making wine, and some documentation on raising miniture indoor cattle? These subterranean communities are designed to be self sustaining, but after awhile most humans will want to take a peak outside and survey their world. 

CNBC's program mentioned remote cannons and other deterrents to mow down survivor gangs and looters looking for food and shelters. Once the above ground survivors die off, the bunker condo people will want to stretch their legs, look for food sources, and survey their new post-apocalyptic world.

Are Doomsday Preppers Missing Something?

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