Monday, May 16, 2011

Bump the Xoom to the Big Screen

In many respects Motorola's Xoom is not prime time ready, or rather it is ahead of it's time.  Many websites read that you are on Android and bump you unforgivably to tiny mobile formatted websites.  Also, many apps available in the Android Marketplace are really designed for handhelds- not 10" tablets so things look stretched out or just plain broken.

The good news however is that these issues will get ironed out as web developers adjust their sites for non handheld Android (this will improve with releases of Honeycomb netbooks) and Andoid developers adjust their applications for the broad spectrum of devices that are out or soon on their way.

While we Xoom and tablet owners wait for Internet and app splendidness, we can still have some fun.  With the purchase of a micro HDMI cable you can bump your Xoom to any HD monitor or TV flawlessly.  I went into a Radio Shack to look for one of these cables and was not too surprised when the clerk first did not know what I was looking for and then secondly told me that they had what I was looking for and that it was $30.00.  I told him their price was insane and informed him I could get the same cable for $8.00 on Amazon (Which I ordered.  The clerk gave me a look like he had heard the Amazon line once or twice before).

To play your Motorola Xoom on an external monitor simply select channel HDMI 1 on the monitor and attach the micro end of the HDMI cable into the Xoom (the big end into your TV or monitor).  The Xoom's screen might flicker a little at first after connecting the HDMI cable. There does not appear to be any order in which to attach the cable to Xoom or monitor/TV nor order in which to turn things off or on.  Both my TV and Xoom were ON when I attached the cable.  That's it, you are now in business, go ahead and stream that movie or sports game on to the big screen.

The Xoom will bump HD video to a larger HDTV or HD monitor quite well.  Over the weekend I had pretty decent live streaming MLB via MLB.TV going to my Vizio 37" in HD!  I probably would have had better results with a stronger Wi-Fi signal, but I was satisfied overall with the quality and ease that the Xoom can run video onto external monitors.

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